Because every business is unique, we customise our systems to give you control with live report information on the real Key Process Improvement Variables (KPIV’s) and once implemented you will have a “Business Dashboard” to help you drive your business.


Our Dashboard will measure and graph your business parameters - It will help you manage your company and drive it in the right direction based on how your business is performing. It might be the "Cost Of Quality" or the "Process Yield %" or the value of your stock.  Any parameter critical for tracking how your business is performing should be kept in control.


You can even monitor your Supplier On Time Delivery (OTD) performance.

The interface is simple to use and allows the user to filter the results by Customer, Product or by Performance dates.



If you would like us to custom build and fit a dashboard to your business please fill in our : Enquiry Page


Custom Built Business Solutions

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