At Ordú our philosophy is to focus on the customer’s requirement and then build a system that will give accurate results they can rely on.
Learning the details of our customers' business, and what makes their business model unique is an art in itself. We combine this business analysis skill with the ability to build a unique custom built system to empower their business.

We are Customer focused and our aim is to exceed customer expectations at every opportunity. For us accurate information and detail are key to success for our customers but this is rarely the project’s starting position and it takes skill and patience to transform a business.
Achieving this result requires energy, enthusiasm and being prepared to travel to work with the client

We are currently looking for


  • Lean Sigma Green and Black Belts
  • System Analysts
  • SQL / Azure / Access capable developers


If you are interested in delivering results according to this mission and have the relevant experience we are interested in hearing from you. You can contact us through our enquiry page.


Custom Built Business Solutions

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