Departmental solutions for larger companies

Flexible Departmental solutions for larger companies. Implement a bespoke system to fit your departmental needs

Departmental challenges can be overcome           


  • Improving efficiency and performance
  • empowering the management team.
  • Inefficient spreadsheets
  • paper based systems
  • Doing nothing and let the problem persist

Implement the system as a long or short term solution alongside your corporate system

There are several advantages:

  1. you get to test the data requirement and results without remodelling the corporate wide system. By the time the "bespoke system" is incorporated into the main system the IT department are likely to be glad of the departments clarity on what fields they need, how the forms work and the layout of the necessary reports.
  2. solutions are available quickly at departmental level and these may well be temporary solutions due to short to medium term requirements without messing up the corporate system.
  3. the long term result from supporting departmental requirements supports continuous improvement, team effectiveness and overall profitability.

All achieved while maintaining and operating within an appropriate corporate wide IT policy

If you manage a department in a big corporate or public body and would like to arrange a discussion about your information needs we would like to hear from you : Enquiry Page


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