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Founded at the Innovation in Business Centre (IiBC) at the Galway-Mayo Institute of technology in 2009, Ordu Limited has grown to service many small and medium sized companies in the region with custom built applications that now manage critical company functions.
Founder Tony Hegarty worked in General Management and in Quality Assurance in various industrial sectors including: Computer housings Component Manufacture, Pressure Die casting, Turning, Pressure Vessel manufacture, Finishing Technology and Logistics

In all these ISO 9001 companies Tony found that unique solutions were required to organise the company’s material planning, training, quality and other records. When no suitable package existed to implement best practice and resource planning, learning how to develop custom built solutions (through linkages with Academia) provided the competitive advantage these businesses needed.

Ordu have now established a dedicated team that delivers a unique solution for each customer, providing the best solution every time.

Projects have been implemented in all of the above listed sectors along with Medical device manufacture,  Electronic Component manufacture, Injection Mounding and Tooling manufacture for the Pharmaceutical Sector.
The systems are client server type delivering the latest reports and information to each user in real time.


Our Policy is to satisfy customers with a responsiveness and a delivery that will delight - Our reputation depends on this.


We will give you a competitive advantage by:

  • Establishing how your business is performing.
  • Controlling your costs - Allocate necessary resources.
  • Giving you access to your own information so you can make quick decisions - Retrieve the detail on how did we do this the last time
  • Building and implementing a system unique to your business - Your competitor won’t have the same advantage
    Working with your team to establish what you want to achieve - On site collaboration, giving you an Enterprise Solution
  • Ease of use throughout the company
  • Delivering an accurate system capable of
  • Repetitive information processing
  • Information storage and retrieval
  • Graphical results on our Business Dashboard

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Custom Built Business Solutions

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